CUAC is pleased to present the 2016 Visionary Award to artist John Bell.

CUAC’s Visionary Award is awarded annually to a community member who demonstrates significant influence and vision in promoting the sustainability and growth of contemporary art in Utah.

Our 2016 recipient, John Bell, has been a significant contributor to the contemporary art community in Utah. He has exhibited his work extensively throughout the state and nationally. John is an ambassador for contemporary art both locally and abroad. He has been instrumental in challenging preconceptions of art, for example his “happenings” (The Next Supper at UMOCA) removes the wall between artist and viewer, turning viewers into performers and making their reactions part of the finished works. In addition to his significant contributions as a visual artist, John’s One Modern Art gallery was one of the first Contemporary art venues in the state. Through these efforts, he pioneered a market for what was an emerging genre in the state. Also significant has been John’s leadership as a board member at both UMOCA and CUAC, providing support, vision, networking and guidance to both institutions. His contributions of time, art, and expertise have gone a long way to sustain both organizations and many others.

The Visionary Award recipient receives an original work of art donated by a CUAC artist. John was awarded an original piece created by our very own Adam Bateman titled "Portrait: The Muse Asylum". A portrait of John Bell done to his height, width and depth, the work includes many important books from John’s personal collection that helped shape the artist and individual he is today.

Past recipients and artists of the Visionary Award include: 

2013 Diane Stewart – work by Josh Winegar 

2014 Jeff Lambson – work by Jared Lindsey Clark 

2015 Shawn Rossiter –work by Jared Steffenson